ADIT Tutorial

Structures can be deposited using the AutoDep Input Tool (ADIT)

The Auto Dep Input Tool (ADIT) was developed by the RCSB for depositing structures to the Protein Data Bank. ADIT also allows the user to check the format of coordinate and structure factor files and to perform a variety of validation tests on a structure prior to deposition in the database. These checks can be done without intervention by the database staff.

For the details about PDB format version 3.2, please see

To deposit a structure, the user uploads the relevant coordinate and structure factor files and then adds any additional information to the submission using ADIT.

The following tutorial is a guide to depositing a structure using all of the available ADIT functions.

Example "in progress" depositions are available at

To begin a new ADIT session:

Step 1: Data Format Precheck

Step 2: Validation Precheck (Validation)

Step 3: Data Deposition

You may wish to have the following information on hand:

citations of relevant references, sequences of macromolecules in your structure, molecular formulae of ligands, natural or genetic source of macromolecules, crystallization conditions, unit cell, space group, data collection parameters, refinement parameters, rms deviations

A previous ADIT deposition session can be continued at a later date as long as the structure has not been deposited.

To begin a previous ADIT session:

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