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Depositing large structures?

If your structure exceeds the size of the traditional PDB file format limits (>62 chains or >99,999 atoms), please prepare your deposition as a single PDBx/mmCIF file using recent versions of CCP4 (REFMAC > 5.8) or Phenix (> 1.8.2) before submitting your structure with the wwPDB Deposition System.

NOTICE FOR REFMAC USERS - details for generating total B factors when TLS used

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Starting January 27, 2015, RCSB PDB and PDBj will only accept X-ray depositions submitted using the wwPDB Deposition Tool

ADIT will no longer allow new sessions of crystal structures to be started. ADIT will be available for users to finalize in-progress ADIT X-ray depositions until July 19, 2015.

For structures solved by Electron Microscopy, first deposit the 3D map at EMDB and then follow the link provided to deposit the coordinates.

To start a new ADIT session, select the experimental method and the molecular structure type. Then press the BEGIN button.

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Electron Microscopy
Structure Type:
Nucleic acid
Nucleic acid/protein complex

To continue a session from an earlier date, enter your session restart ID and press the CONTINUE SESSION button.

Continue Previous ADIT Session*
Session Restart ID:
example: 2006-07-01.serverhostname.9999.12345678
* ADIT-NMR sessions can be continued at

Detailed instructions that describe how to deposit X-ray, NMR and Electron Microscopy structures are available. Coordinates may be deposited as either mmCIF or PDB formatted files. To ensure that all tools will work with minimal error, the format requirements for depositing structures in PDB format are:

The guidelines for data processing and policies are available at

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